LED Street Light

Essence Series EL-SL58-S

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Essence Series EL-SL58-S

Product Description:

- Essence series is an excellent street lighting solution for urban areas of important architectural value,
a smart and versatile design of 2-in-1 installation, post-top mounting, bracket side entry mounting.
- Equipped with high-quality electrical components, long lifetime is assured. Tool-free design and
power switch-off device, enables easy, safe and minimal cost for maintenance. Efficient system could
reduce energy consumption and to create a more attractive urban living environment and visual
comforts for public and residential areas.
- With patented housing design and range of optics, Essence series luminaire is also a perfect choice for
project oriented usage.



- Smart and versatile design of 2-in-1 installation
- Excellent thermal management
- Outstanding self-cleaning capability
- Patented optics for increased application efficiency
- Tool-free maintenance


- Urban streets
- Public areas
- Parking lots
- Residential areas

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