LED Street Light

Villa LED Series EL-GL01

Villa LED Series EL-GL01

Product Description:

- The Villa LED luminaire is generated from an aesthetic and classical outdoor
lanterns. Based on Everlite patented E-light engine system technology, this
heritage design comes now with the latest cutting edge led technology.
- The Villa LED luminaire is specially designed for easy installation and
combination with the E-light engine system. The E-light engine is a IP68 led
module, fully sealed, equipped with Philips or CREE led.
- A standard E-light engine is up to 60W, and the maximum luminous efficiency
is up to 130LM/W. The Villa LED luminaire fixture could either hold one-piece
E-light engine, or two pieces.



- Historical shape
- Energy -efficient luminaire
- Variety of mounting options: lumininaire can be combined with different
   columns, brackets and multiple-arm brackets.


- Main urban roads and streets
- Side and residential roads and streets
- City centers and historical areas
- Cycle and pedestrian paths
- Parking areas
- Squares, parks and playgrounds

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