LED Sports Light

Starlight Series EL-FL05

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Starlight Series EL-FL05

Product Description:

The Starlight Series Designed exclusively for sports and multi-purpose venues, ArenaVision LED offers

outstanding light quality,effective thermal management, and long lifetime. When combined with contro

l applications such as the InteractSports lighting management system, ArenaVision LED can simplify the

delivery of the right illumination by scheduling or through realtime adjustments and can be used to create

customized light shows before, during and after the main event.To ensure optimized use for both indoor

and outdoorapplications.



-Aluminum alloy integrated molding,better heat dissipation.

- Unique quality of light with flickerfree operation suitable for HDTV broadcasting and
   Super Slow Motion

-Option to add additional accessories to achieve best in class glare and up-light control

-Programmable DMX Driver or DALI Driver to enable programming and integration

with entertainment lighting fixtures and other Interact Sports applications


-Indoor sports arenas and halls (Basketball , Velodromes,

  Swimming pools, Icehockey, etc.)

-Outdoor arenas, stadiums and Racing tracks (Football,Tennis,

  Cricket,  Rugby, Golf, Hockey, Ice skating, Horse racing, etc.)

-Multiple and multipurpose sports facilities and arenas

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