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MaxFlood Series EL-FL02

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MaxFlood Series EL-FL02

Product Description:

- MaxFlood Series is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of floodlighting
applications. It also includes all the necessary control features and interfaces to make it
future-proof and even more efficient. MaxFlood Series lets you choose the exact number
of lumens you need for your application. Incorporating extremely high-efficiency optics and
state-of-the-art LEDs, it is a highly competitive solution offering an outstanding lux/euro
ratio and energy savings of up to 50% (without the use of additional controls). The wide
choice of optics ensures maximum application coverage. MaxFlood Series is easy to
install − you simply plug it in and select the best option for your needs. Perfect for replacing
conventional technology and enabling intelligent lighting control while retaining the same
electrical installation and poles.



- Designed for 1:1 retrofit up to 1000 W HID
- Wide range of lumen packages between 10 klm and 85 klm (system)
- Wide range of control options, such asCLO, DALI, 1-10 V
- LEDs and optics deliver highest level of efficiency (up to 130 lm/W).
- Wide choice of optics to suit all applications - Sport and Areas lighting - Asymmetrical,
   Road and Symmetrical beams with or without louver (optional).New Asymmetrical Optic
   for Sport lighting (Tennis...)
- Optimized surge Protection (Up to 20 kV).
- IP66 and IK08 protection.
- Long lifetime : 100 Khrs (L80B10 at T a 25°C)


- Airports
- Harbors
- Large recreational sports facilities
- Industrial areas
- Roundabouts and motorway junctions

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